Cleaning Up Analytics: Referrer Spam


Referrer spam (also known as referral spam) is becoming more prevalent as time progresses. In this article, we’ll take a look at what referrer spam is and how to fight it to keep your Google Analytics data clean.

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Maximizing Conversions: Be Flexible. Be Quick.


Successfully marketing and advertising products and / or services has always been a difficult task. However, as technology progresses and changes the way people consume media, “time is of the essence” has never been a truer statement.

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Crafting Sales Pitch Openers

crafting sales pitch openers

Crafting sales pitch openers is an art. When I first started pitching, I believed I’d be hired because of things like my skills, experience, background, work ethic and self-discipline. However, before I could even talk about my skills, the first (and difficult) step was simply getting someone’s attention. In this article, we’ll discuss how to maximize response rate by crafting amazing sales pitch openers.

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Tips to Boost Engagement


Engagement is a topic I frequently discuss in both my articles and in my conversations with clients and prospects. But what exactly is engagement and how do we make our online pages more engaging?

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Google To Penalize Intrusive Pop-ups


Websites use pop-ups for a variety of reasons. Sometimes, a responsible web experience requires them. But then, there are times where pop-ups are intrusive and make content less accessible. Beginning January 10, 2017, these intrusive pop-ups will be penalized as Google continues its trend towards mobile-friendliness. Here’s some tips to make sure your pop-ups follow Google’s new guidelines.

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