crafting sales pitch openers

Crafting sales pitch openers is an art. When I first started pitching, I believed I’d be hired because of things like my skills, experience, background, work ethic and self-discipline. However, before I could even talk about my skills, the first (and difficult) step was simply getting someone’s attention. In this article, we’ll discuss how to maximize response rate by crafting amazing sales pitch openers.

Today, e-mail and text are our primary ways of communication. Why? If we’re honest, its because email is the least stressful way to communicate. Especially when sending sales emails. Email lessens the sting of rejection. This is simultaneously good and bad. Its great to minimize stress, but now you have to compete for attention among the sea of emails decision-makers receive daily. Specifically tailoring your sales pitch openers is how you stand out. Here’s how:

Target Appropriately

Reach for the stars, but be realistic. When beginning the pitch process, its necessary to pick an appropriate target. C-level executives of large companies are less likely to respond to someone they don’t know personally, so aim for a VP or maybe someone a bit lower on the ladder. For small and medium companies, I suggest aiming for the top.

Do Your Homework

Your skills alone are not enough to set you apart from the other highly skilled and experienced people you’re competing against. In order to differentiate yourself from the rest, first you need to know more about your target. This means doing research.

Before I begin to craft my sales pitch opener, I try and find out as much as I can about who I’ll be contacting. My goal isn’t to learn about their job, but to learn as much as I can about their personal lives. I look for a connection.

Personal Connection

A ton of email hits my inbox with generic messaging and is ignored. To get someone to pay attention, you need to make a personal connection right away. If you’ve picked an appropriate target and done your research, you should have a few options. Pick something that you can relate to in a real way. Be genuine. Next, be specific. People love to talk about themselves.

If you can connect in a real way using real examples you’ll have a great chance of getting the rest of your email read. Just make sure you don’t waste your opportunity. Make the connection, give them a quick problem / solution, and make sure your email finishes with a question that simply requires a yes or no (or other short) answer.

Feel free to send us some examples of your sales pitches for feedback!

Thanks for reading.

Crafting Sales Pitch Openers
Crafting Sales Pitch Openers
Engaging sales pitch openers can dramatically increase your response rates, but writing them can be challenging. Fear not - here's all you need to know.
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