Successfully marketing and advertising products and / or services has always been a difficult task. However, as technology progresses and changes the way people consume media, “time is of the essence” has never been a truer statement.

I heard a story the other day that illustrates what I mean. While the podcast and comedian I was listening to escapes me, their point remains clear: in order to reach people, you need to be quick and flexible. Reacting to events is a thing of the past. You need to create and participate.

The comedian mentioned how years ago, an event like a presidential debate between polarizing candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton would be the catalyst for new material. The comedian would watch the debates, then spend days writing new jokes. At first, with the advent of social media, the comedian thought the quality of jokes wouldn’t be there unless he and his peers took the time to write. But he was stunned to see that the jokes are indeed there. And not only the jokes, people create memes, gifs, snaps and more to supplement their jokes. All in real time. All as it happens. In order to remain relevant today, comics are forced to be a part of the conversation as it happens.

Marketing and advertising managers face a similar dilemma and should have a similar reaction.

Maximizing Conversions: Be Flexible

Detailed plans will only get you so far. Flexibility is key.

I see a lot of companies make similar mistakes when they think about what’ll make people react to their brands. They spend a lot of time thinking about the finer details, but lose track of the obvious truth: you don’t know until you test. Cost-effectively testing ideas and applying test data will allow you to optimize your campaign to maximize conversions.

Maximizing Conversions: Be Quick

Not only does the plan have to be flexible, it also has to adapt quickly.

Opportunities online often appear out of nowhere. Monitoring the actions of your target audience and quickly responding with valuable, relevant content will increase your chances to make a real impact. Monitoring best practices and quickly implementing relevant techniques will maximize effectiveness. You should be monitoring everything that’s important and making sure your plan is built to incorporate change in real time.

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Maximizing Conversions: Be Flexible. Be Quick.
Maximizing Conversions: Be Flexible. Be Quick.
Successfully marketing and advertising is difficult. In order to succeed, your plan needs to be flexible and quick to adapt to changing circumstances.
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