Engagement is a topic I frequently discuss in both my articles and in my conversations with clients and prospects. But what exactly is engagement and how do we make our online pages more engaging?

What Is Engagement?

Generally, engagement is the interaction between your business / brand and your audience. It’s also the marketing practices used to influence customer behavior online. Last, engagement is the identifiers and metrics used to determine the effectiveness of the marketing practices used to influence behavior.

When measuring engagement online, the metrics usually take into consideration a number of variables. Root metrics include duration of visit, frequency of visit, depth of visit, click-through rate, sales, and lifetime value. Action metrics include subscriptions, ratings or reviews, viewing of high-value content, inquiries, submitting personal information, downloads, content shares, and comments. Depending on your business goals, some metrics will be more important than others.

How Do We Boost Engagement Online?

Here’s some tips to make sure you’re offering an engaging experience online:

  1. Cut The Fat
    It’s easy to use a premade theme to get a website up and running quickly and inexpensively. However, premade themes come with a lot of elements that distract and / or don’t create an engaging online experience. If an element or piece of content isn’t furthering the page goal, remove it.
  2. Structure Your Pages
    A page needs to be properly structured to be engaging. Every page must do something as I like to say. You cannot simply rely on page templates to build your pages. Think about your audience and structure your pages to funnel them through a specifically designed path which ultimately leads to an action or conversion.
  3. Test And Tweak
    There is no marketing silver bullet. Success online comes from a well-designed testing strategy and tweaking of that strategy based on actionable metrics. A / B tests are a great way to optimize pages for engagement.
  4. Get Help
    No matter how much you try and plan for everything, something is bound to go unnoticed. Get the opinions of trusted colleagues to make sure you’re covering all your bases. If you need some help, let us know. We’re more than happy to review your pages and offer suggestions.

Thanks for reading.

Tips to Boost Engagement
Tips to Boost Engagement
Engagement is a topic discussed a lot these days. But what is it and how do we make our pages more engaging? Here's some tips to boost engagement online.
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