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As time progresses, more and more people are abandoning their conventional desktops and laptops for mobile devices. A recent consumer insights report by John Fetto, Senior Research and Marketing Analyst at Hitwise, states: “mobile devices now account for a majority – or near majority – of online searches for almost every major industry.”

This change in behavior has caused Google and the other search engines to tweak their algorithms to favor sites that provide good mobile experiences for their users. last year, SEO’s saw this roll out in the form of Mobilegeddon. More recently, Google stated that they’re expanding the Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Project into search results.

The message is clear: to remain visible in search, your site better be optimized for mobile.

Web Hosting And SEO

Most businesses know how important it is to have a website optimized for mobile devices. However, that’s not enough if you want to keep or improve your search ranks. Your site also needs to load lightning fast. For example, Google recommends a server response time of under 200ms.

The speed of your website is dependent on both front-end and server-side elements. Various tools are available to test your site’s speed. Google’s PageSpeed Insights and GTMetrix are two good options. If your site’s speed is slow, upgrading your web hosting could be an easy way to correct this issue.

At Ender, we build a lot of Magento and WordPress sites. Both platforms are resource hogs for various reasons. We’ve found that using Magento-specific and WordPress-specific web hosting solutions gives our clients’ sites a definite advantage over other more general hosting solutions.

While a web hosting upgrade could satisfy the speed aspect of the new mobile optimization requirements, you may need to do more. If that’s the case, feel free to Contact Us for help. We’re more than happy to take a look at your site and offer some suggestions to get you up to speed.

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Is Web Hosting Affecting Your SEO
Is Web Hosting Affecting Your SEO
Providing a good mobile user experience is super important to your search ranks. Is your Web Hosting holding your brand or company back?
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