As a business owner or entrepreneur, you’re forced to have a broad set of skills. However, there’s one skill most people ignore completely: coding.

Coders look at things differently than non-coders. Software or web projects often run into issues when there’s a disconnect in the information flow between coders and non-coders. Possessing a rudimentary understanding of code will ensure everyone is on the same page, increasing the chances of project success. Here’s how:

Learn About Coding

Truly being able to code is a skill I highly recommend. But you don’t need to be an expert to better communicate with your team. Learning about coding is much easier than learning to code.

To me, the main difference between a coder and non-coder is the fact that a coder understands a problem needs to be broken down into individual, logical steps that can be written in a language a computer understands. To give you a better idea of what I mean, there’s a great (and free) resource available called Codeacademy that can teach you about coding in a few short sessions. With Codeacademy, you’re not going to learn to be a professional software engineer, but you will be able to better understand what’s behind the pages and programs you’re creating.

Codeacademy is one of many options available to teach yourself about coding. Here’s a great entrepreneur.com article outlining other options.

Thanks for reading.

Editor’s Note: Originally published in March 2013; recently updated for accuracy.

Coders think differently.It's important to have a decent understanding about coding to help information flow and increase the chances for project success.
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